EnergyBuilder is an innovative and fast 3D modelling software service devised for producing new build Part-L certificates and non-domestic EPCs.

The unique "Pay As You Go" service means no upfront investment and no fixed ongoing monthly fee.

Why EnergyBuilder?


Integrated quality ensures an accurate EPC every time


Creates time for more fee earning survey work


Login and upload EPC site notes and photos

Pay as You Go

No Investment, "Pay as You Go" service

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RICS Announce Latest on New EPC Regulations

An EPC is now required for all buildings whether rented or sold, irrespective of whether a contract is being entered into or not. Estate Agents, Business Transfer Agents and Letting Agents are now required to produce a valid EPC upon request by trading standards The current 28 days period to secure an EPC using ‘reasonable efforts’ is now reduced to 7 days.

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Why EnergyBuilder?

EnergyBuilder is the UK’s leading software solution for the delivery of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s). Let EnergyBuilder transform your working practices by increasing your team of CEA’s efficiency helping them spend more time on earning survey based fees.

EnergyBuilder delivers modelled site notes (including complex lighting and HVAC) back to your CEA within 48 hours. Hence removing the time consuming activity of modelling allowing you to concentrate on what your CEA’s do
best i.e. EPC surveying and earning professional fees.

Alongside this the integrated quality checks ensure that every EPC is of the highest quality, every time.

EnergyBuilder also allows your company to have visibility of all surveys uploaded to help with CEA scheduling, meeting customer service commitments and monitoring internal key performance indicators (KPI).

Integrated EPC Quality Checks

The system has been developed with integrated quality and productivity metrics ensuring that the every commercial EPC is of the highest quality. This can be monitored and measured on an individual or team level so that any development areas highlighted can be used for continuous improvement.

With your companies approval this information can be accessed by your preferred accreditation body linking into their quality management process.

EPC Modelling Made Simple

It uses a simple 3 STAGE process for commercial EPC’s

1. Upload
The CEA uploads the site notes and photos on to the EnergyBuilder secure portal

2. Modelling
The model is produced, quality checked and returned to the CEA within 48 hours

3. Verify
The CEA verifies the draft report and lodges onto the Landmark database

Unique "Pay as You Go"

It is a true "Pay as You Go" service and as such does not require any upfront investment.
It works on standard PC hardware with an internet browser and there are no upfront or annual software licence fees. Even the downloadable Modelling Software Viewer (MSV) is free, once registered.

The price is based upon a range of building parameters including estimated volumes, size, building type, number of zones and complexity.

The price is agreed with our commercial team at the outset and input into your specific secure portal account.

The unique way in which EnergyBuilder works means there are no sign up fees and you only pay for what you submit.

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Benefits to Commercial EPC Surveying Companies

It is a true "Pay as You Go" service. It does not require any upfront investment is and aligns the service costs with fee earning revenue.

It works on standard PC hardware with an internet browser and there is no annual software licence fee. The downloadable Modelling Software Viewer (MSV) is free,
once registered.

It is designed to be very simple to use so does not need any time consuming and costly training. This makes it quick to roll out across a large number and widely dispersed field based team including panel registered CEA’s simultaneously so that your organisation can immediately benefit from the service.

It has integrated quality checks ensuring that your organisation delivers a high quality and accurate EPC. This information can be reviewed by surveyor, team or end user client.

In summary it enables your CEA’s to focus of fee earning commercial EPC surveying work (not modelling) whilst still been in control of the lodging process in line with CLG guidelines.

Benefits to Commercial Energy Assessors (CEA’s)

It is that easy to use that EnergyBuilder requires no previous IT knowledge or detailed understanding of any modelling software.

By removing the cumbersome and time consuming data input and property modelling it allows the CEA to concentrate on commercial EPC site assessments.

The creation of a 3D model of the property which enables the CEA to visually compare the created EPC with the property surveyed. This model includes all information captured on site including highly complex lighting and HVAC equipment. Should one of your CEA’s need help uploading the EPC notes and photographs our support team are able to take control of their PC remotely to quickly sort out the issue.

It’s unique "Pay As You Go" service aligns your costs to your revenue and does not require any upfront or annual licenses, any specialist IT equipment and does not require any training as it is very simple to use.

Efficiency Savings

Based upon the experience of independent CEA’s here are some typical time saving scenarios;

Building Type Survey Time iSBEM Modelling Software EnergyBuilder
Pub Typical Size 350SqM 4 hr 5hrs 2.5hrs Upload Time
Small Pub - 100SqM 2.5hrs 5.5hrs 2.5hrs Upload Time
Industrial Unit 2000SqM 3hrs 8hrs 4hrs Upload Time
Industrial Unit 100SqM 1.5hrs 4hrs 2.5hrs Upload Time
Non Residential Multi Purpose Building 4hrs 8hrs 3.5hrs Upload Time
2 Floor Office Block 1000SqM per floor 3.5hrs 6.5hrs 3.5hrs Upload Time
10 Floor Office Block 500SqM per floor 10hrs 14hrs 5hrs Upload Time